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The Raika School, establised by the Raika Foundation in Pimple Saudagar , Pune, in the year 2022, is dedicated to transforming lives through education. As students step into our educational institutions, they will embark on a journey of discovery and exploration – of the world around them, but more importantly, of the world within themselves.

There is a saying that teaching is the art of assisting the discovery of knowledge. We’ll help your child reach his or her full potential with our experienced facilitators.

Students will have the opportunity to study up to Grade 12th in two streams, viz., Science and Commerce.

We Challenge the Boundaries

that limit minds and hold back the spirit of discovery

We Facilitate Growth

in terms of knowledge, intellect and values

We Transform the Seeds of Aptitude

into the splendour of accomplishment

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THE RAIKA SCHOOL envisions the development of global Indian citizens deeply rooted in traditional values and equipped with 21st-century skills. Through innovative and holistic education, we aim to empower students to embrace their cultural identity while fostering a forward-thinking mind-set. Our commitment to leadership extends beyond academic excellence, encouraging students to become catalysts for positive change, innovation, and progress in an ever-evolving global landscape.

Raika School
Raika School


The collaboration of our exceptional faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and innovative teaching approaches is designed to cultivate an enjoyable and enriching learning journey. Committed to staying with the current developments in research and related disciplines, we aspire to continually lead the way in educational instruction.




Agni signifies energy and passion



Jal embodies prosperity and purity



Vayu represents transparency and movement



Prithvi symbolizes stability and harmony

At The Raika School, curricular and co-curricular activities are seamlessly integrated through four houses inspired by the four natural elements – Agni, Jal, Vayu, and Prithvi. Each house reflects a specific life element, fostering unity in diversity. These five elements combine together to create a balance in nature which ultimately helps in the creation and sustenance of life.
Four houses offer platforms to the students to struggle, compete and to win. They apparently seem to be different but they are one complete integral unit of THE RAIKA SCHOOOL to ensure a perfect coherence.
This structure encourages healthy competition and a sense of belonging, contributing to holistic student development.