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Admission open for 2024-25 session in The Raika School from Nursery to 11th Class. Secure your admission today and join our academic journey!

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    About Us

    The Raika School, establised by the Raika Foundation in Pimple Saudagar, Pune, is dedicated to transforming lives through education. As students step into our educational institutions, they will embark on a journey of discovery and exploration – of the world around them, but more importantly, of the world within themselves.

    We Challenge the Boundaries

    that limit minds and hold back the spirit of discovery

    We Facilitate Growth

    in terms of knowledge, intellect and values

    We Transform the Seeds of Aptitude

    into the splendour of accomplishment

    Director's Message

    We believe that education is not just about imparting knowledge, but also about fostering character, curiosity, and creativity in our students.

    — Mr. Pawan Singh Raika
       Director : The Raika School

    Principal's Message

    We believe in using STEAM activities, technology and 21st century skills

    — Mrs. Poonam Raika
       Principal : The Raika School


    Elementary (Nursery to Grade 2)

    A Home Away From Home

    Stepping into The Raika School, our youngest students embark on a journey greeted by caring teachers, a secure environment, and a friendly ambiance. This nurturing setting is crafted to make school a delightful place to be every day. Our curriculum, structured around themes and in harmony with the National Education Policy (NEP 2020), sparks a love for learning. We aim to cultivate enthusiasm, turning our students into eager participants in the dynamic teaching-learning experience.

    Primary (Grade 3 to 5)

    A Fun Learning Experience

    At The Raika School, our commitment is to offer a comprehensive learning experience. Students will effortlessly grasp facts, figures, and fundamentals across disciplines, satisfying their innate curiosity to explore the world. Aligned with the pedagogical structure outlined in the National Education Policy (NEP 2020), our curriculum ignites a genuine thirst for knowledge and understanding, fostering a deep connection between students and the world around them

    (Grade 6th to 8th)

    Nurturing Curious Minds

    We at THE RAIKA SCHOOL cultivate an environment that ignites the natural curiosity of students. The blend of robust infrastructure and a thoughtfully crafted curriculum inspires a thirst for learning and its real-world application in their daily activities. Guided by the innovative framework of the National Education Policy (NEP 2020), our teaching methodology finds its compass in the principles of the laid by National Curriculum Framework, laying the foundation for a dynamic and enriching educational journey.

    Higher Secondary (Grade 9th to 10th)

    Unleashing the Power of Learning

    The Raika School recognizes the evolving educational landscape, emphasizing not just achieving top marks but mastering the art of absorbing information, applying it practically, and leveraging various media for knowledge acquisition. Built upon the foundation of the National Education Policy (NEP 2020), our teaching methodology is structured within the framework of the age appropriate curriculum, empowering students to unlock the full potential of their learning journey.

    At Raika School

    Nurture your child's potential for a brighter tomorrow.

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    Robotics and Coding

    Robotics and Coding to make children acquainted with 21st century technical skill.


    Experiential Learning

    Science Butterfly our unique hands on activity initiative that focuses on developing Scientific Temper in our students.



    Gitopadesha to aspire students to be appreciative of our Indian Scriptures.

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    Daily coaching: Martial Arts, Skating, Gymnastics, Football; instilling sportsmanship, leadership in youth.

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    Raika School
    Raika School


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